College Planning Premium Package – Southern College Consulting
Graduate blowing confetti image
Graduate blowing confetti image

College Planning Premium Package



    ⚓️ Transcript Evaluation
    ⚓️ High School Course Planning
    ⚓️ Summer Activities Planning
    ⚓️ SAT/ACT Diagnostics
    ⚓️ Personality/Career Assessments
    ⚓️ College Research Guidance
    ⚓️College Fit Online Platform
    ⚓️ College List Building
    ⚓️ Cost Estimating
    ⚓️ Demonstrated Interest Guidance


    ⚓️ High School Activities List
    ⚓️ Personal Statement Support
    ⚓️ Supplemental Essay Support
    ⚓️ Common Application Guide
    ⚓️ Coalition Application Guide
    ⚓️ UC Application Guide
    ⚓️ Recommendation Letter
    ⚓️ High School Resume Support
    ⚓️ Scholarship/Merit Aid Support
    ⚓️ Honors College Support
    ⚓️ FAFSA/CSS Profile Support
    ⚓️ Interview Prep


    ⚓️ Text, Email, Phone Support
    ⚓️ College Planner Pro College
    ⚓️ Planning System
    ⚓️ College Planning Curriculum
    ⚓️ Application Management

    Services bought in addition to the College Planning Premium Package will be discounted, excluding SAT/ACT Prep, Design Portfolio, and Music Auditions. SAT/ACT Prep, Design Portfolio, and Music Auditions can only be purchased as add-ons to the Comprehensive Package.