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Supporting Your Rising Senior: Why Your Student Should Write Their College Personal Statement During the Summer

Written by Kelly DuBreuil


Posted on June 26 2023

As the summer season unfolds, parents of rising seniors grapple with the impending college application process. One crucial aspect that requires attention is the college personal statement or main essay—the opportunity for your student to shine and make a lasting impression on admissions officers. In this blog post, we will delve into why you should encourage your rising seniors to write their college personal statement during the summer.

⚓️ Minimize Senior Year Stress:
Senior year can be overwhelming, with numerous academic, extracurricular, and social commitments. By encouraging your student to begin their personal statement during the summer, you help alleviate the stress that builds up during the senior year. Starting early allows them to manage their time effectively and avoid last-minute panic.

⚓️ Optimize Uninterrupted Time:
Students typically have fewer academic obligations and extracurricular commitments during the summer break. By writing their personal statement during this period, your student can capitalize on the uninterrupted time and dedicate focused attention to introspection, drafting, and revising. They can fully immerse themselves in the writing process without the distractions that come with the demands of the school year.

⚓️ Facilitate Self-Reflection and Growth:
Crafting a compelling personal statement requires deep self-reflection and personal growth. The summer provides an excellent opportunity for your student to explore their experiences, values, and aspirations. Encourage them to engage in activities such as volunteering, internships, or pursuing personal projects, as these experiences will enrich their personal statement and help them discover more about themselves in the process.

⚓️ Foster Stronger College Applications:
The personal statement is a critical component of college applications, but it is not the only one. By encouraging your student to start their personal statement in the summer, you enable them to lay a solid foundation for the rest of their application. With ample time on hand, they can focus on other vital elements such as supplemental essays, deadlines, and keeping their grades strong during their senior year. This comprehensive approach ensures that their entire application is well-rounded and compelling.

⚓️ Seek Guidance:
Navigating the college application process can be daunting for both students and parents. During the summer, seek out guidance for your student from a college admissions expert. College admissions consultants can provide invaluable insights and feedback on the personal statement, ensuring your student's voice and strengths shine through. Utilizing these resources early on establishes a support system that eases the burden on both parents and students.

⚓️ Mitigate Procrastination:
Procrastination often plagues students, causing unnecessary stress and compromising the quality of work. Starting the personal statement during the summer breaks the cycle of procrastination. By encouraging your student to take the initiative, set deadlines, and establish a writing routine, you help them develop discipline and time-management skills that will serve them well throughout their college journey.

⚓️ Enhance College Admissions Prospects:
A well-crafted personal statement is an opportunity for your student to stand out among thousands of applicants. By encouraging them to start early and put genuine effort into their personal statement, you enhance their chances of capturing the attention of admissions officers. This early investment of time and energy can ultimately contribute to a stronger college application and potentially open doors to their dream schools.

As a parent of a rising senior, supporting and guiding your student through the college application process is paramount. By advocating for your student to write their personal statement during the summer, you help alleviate stress, provide ample time for self-reflection, and cultivate a stronger overall application. Seek guidance, mitigate procrastination, and set your student up for success by enabling them to invest their best effort into crafting a compelling personal statement.⚓️



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