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The college admissions process is complicated. There are tests, deadlines, essays, campus culture, finances. It can be overwhelming. Graduating from high school should be about memories and celebration, not anxiety and time lost.

But college admissions doesn’t have to be a burden. You don’t have to question if you’re doing it “right.”

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Kelly of Southern College Consulting

Partnering In The Admissions Process

Southern College Consulting partners with parents and students all across the U.S. to manage their college admissions process.

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“She understood my daughter and helped her narrow down her choices based on programs, campus size, acceptance qualifications and student life. At the end of the process, her college options were fantastic because they were the right fit. … We have already recommended her to family and friends as they start their college planning process.”– Meredith, parent 

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"We have already recommended Southern College Consulting to several family members and friends and will continue to share our wonderful experience with others as they start their college planning process." - Meredith, parent

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"I would absolutely recommend Southern College Consulting to any student going through the college planning process." -Emily, NCSU