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Avoiding College Transfers Can Help Save on College Costs

Written by Kelly DuBreuil


Posted on March 09 2021

When students transfer colleges, they most likely will end up paying more for college than they planned. Comprehensively vet colleges during the selection process to avoid changing colleges and help you or your student not pay more for college than planned.

Students most likely spend more money on college when they transfer colleges because of lost credits, more time in college to earn a degree, and loss of merit aid and scholarships which are more generous to first-time freshmen

Here are ways that you or your student can thoroughly evaluate colleges before committing to attend.

Self-Exploration Think about your likes and dislikes. What factors matter most to you or your student when thinking about college? Size, location, campus activities, living and dining options, traditions, college town. Make a list of got to have it, would like to have it, definitely not, and does not matter.

Major Assess your intended major at various colleges. When students take classes that they enjoy and can do well in, it helps with the overall happiness of the college experience

Academic Fit Evaluate academic fit in terms of future learning. Some factors to consider are the size of classes, access to professors, use of teaching assistants, research opportunities, internships, co-ops, study abroad opportunities, and academic support services.

Social Fit Think about the characteristics you or your student would like to see in the college campus community members. Explore the colleges’ activities and social events. Look for groups that you or your student could see being part of on campus.

Financial Fit  Attending a college where the financial piece is comfortable helps students stay enrolled at that college. Make affordability part of the college planning process from the beginning. 

College Visits College visits are the best way to get a sense of the college vibe, talk to current students, meet college representatives and department personnel, tour the campus and get a first-hand look at the college. When in-person visits are not an option, like during a pandemic, take advantage of all the creative ways colleges are using to connect with students and families.

By comprehensively vetting colleges during the college planning process, you or your student can save money on college costs and not pay more than planned.



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