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Parent of Class of 2022 Student

Kelly was a wealth of information during the college admission process. She kept everything streamlined and simplified for our daughter, and was able to promptly answer any questions we had. Kelly was extremely helpful and organized which made for an easy, stress-free first experience with college admissions. Highly recommend her services and look forward to working with her again in the future.

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Meredith, Parent 

"We have already recommended Southern College Consulting to several family members and friends and will continue to share our wonderful experience with others as they start their college planning process."

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Shelby, Class of 2021

I have never met someone more dedicated to helping others than Kelly. She absolutely went above and beyond all of my expectations by doing ample research, going out of her way to give advice, and using her knowledge to ease all the stress of the college application process. 

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Student, Class of 2018

I would recommend Southern College Consulting to anyone and everyone. The college decision and application process can be a long and confusing process for students. Having someone there that cares only about your wants and needs can bring a level of focus to the process that makes everything so much easier.

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Emily, NCSU 

"I would absolutely recommend Southern College Consulting to any student going through the college planning process."

Kelly of Southern College Consulting

Olivia, Class of 2022, Brenau University

Kelly made it so easy to access everything. She was always so responsible and organized. Which is what I really needed because of my busy schedule. I really appreciate all of the hard work she has done.

Dawn, Class of 2022 parent

University of Mississippi As a parent of a 1st generation college student, I had many questions and concerns about the entire application/admissions process.  I was unsure of where to start and how to navigate through the numerous colleges that my daughter was interested in.  I also had no idea what to expect on calculating costs, internal/external scholarships, financial aid, or any of the other items that play into the bottom line expense. Kelly was very patient & understanding of my situation and she took the time to answer my questions, explain processes, and guide me through each step along the way.  I’ve learned a lot through working with Kelly and I’m thankful for her guidance and partnership.

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Mia, Class of 2022, University of Miami

Through organized steps, encouragement, help with essay revisions, and quick, 24/7 response
times, Ms. Kelly helped anchor the college admissions process for me!

Kelly of Southern College Consulting

Megan, Class of 2022

Kelly helped anchor the college admissions process for me by guiding me. When I first met with her, I had no clue where I wanted to go to school or how to even begin the search process. Through Kelly, I was able to figure out the type of college I wished to attend through surveys and hours of brainstorming sessions. Once I realized what I wanted in a college, I used her knowledge and resources to find ones that matched that. Throughout applications, I found it very helpful meeting with Kelly to talk about where I was at and what the next steps were, especially when I had a lot going on. Overall, my experience with Kelly was positive and she helped me tremendously throughout the admissions process.

Lauren, College of Charleston

Kelly helped at every step of the process: the research, the applications, and the essays. She continually contacted and really tried to get to know me. By doing so, she was able to help direct me to my best options.  I feel I had really narrowed down on the colleges that truly best suited me and my interests. She made the process much less stressful and allowed me to make my decision confidently.  

Isa, Syracuse University

“I didn't know exactly what I wanted at the beginning of the process, with Kelly's help I had 8 affordable choices at the end of the process all in many different places and with a variety of programs so that even with my evolving interests and wants I had options available to me. Kelly exceeded my expectations with her ability to help me figure out what I needed even though I wasn't sure precisely what I wanted. She was an amazing guide for me as a young student making a very large life decision.” 

Southern College Consulting Anchor

Meredith, Parent

Kelly anchored the college planning and application process for us as parents by keeping us abreast of upcoming events, activities, application deadlines, testing windows/scores that were specific to colleges that our student was considering. We felt Kelly kept us on track as other parts of the process became overwhelming. We were able to sift through information together that we gathered while visiting campuses and talk through that information with Kelly. Most of the campuses our daughter was interested in, Kelly had visited and was well versed in all aspects. Kelly helped us understand and maneuver all of it.

As parents, we felt Kelly greatly helped our daughter with her college search and ultimate decision. Finding that good fit was a critical piece for us as parents and wanting our child to be successful.

Kelly of Southern College Consulting

Emily, student

“The college planning and application process can be stressful, overwhelming, and often confusing -- but it doesn't have to be! Kelly was by my side throughout the entire process and turned it into a positive, rewarding experience. She took her time with me and made it her sole priority to help me find my dream school -- and she did!”

Student, University of North Georgia

Kelly made it so easy for me to find what I wanted in a school and so many different types of universities that fit my needs exactly. She always took the time to pay close attention to my needs and help me through every single part of the processes of choosing schools and writing applications. She spent months helping me formulate fantastic essays that represented my best qualities and helped me stand out to schools. 

Student, Syracuse University

Kelly exceeded my expectations with her ability to help me figure out what I needed even though I wasn't sure precisely what I wanted. She was an amazing guide for me as a young student making a very large life decision.

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Parent, North Carolina State University Student

Kelly was always willing to talk with our student when questions arose during the entire process.   Our daughter reached out many times by email or phone and Kelly was more than willing to spend the time to help her work through questions.  Having another perspective that isn’t a parent in some of the decisions during the process was critical for us.  We wanted our student to arrive at her decision on her own and be happy with that decision and not feel that parents pushed in one direction or another.   This indeed happened with Kelly’s help. 

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