Reviews – Southern College Consulting


"Kelly kept me engaging and thinking about the process and what I actually wanted in a college and what I wanted to do. She kept me grounded, helping to keep from overthinking it or stressing too much about the process while at the same time, making sure I got it done on time.
I feel I had really narrowed down on the colleges that truly best suited me and my interests of the time. Also, I had more confidence about making the decision near the end.
I think the college I ended up going to was the perfect fit. It’s a liberal arts school, it has allowed me to explore my interests and really figure out what I actually wanted to do in my life, between sciences or arts. I feel like I’m on more solid footing now in my senior year because I have a good idea of what I want to do and my college has helped shape that.
Kelly continually contacted and really tried to get to know me. By doing so, she was able to help direct me to my best options.
I remember compiling my different options, taking quizzes that helped narrow down my interests and Kelly helped at every step of the process: the research, the applications, and the essays. She made the process much less stressful and allowed me to make my decision confidently. I don’t think I would have found and ended up at the college I did."

- Lauren, College of Charleston