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Everything you need for college planning at your own pace. 

Planning for college is a special and significant time! However, the path can be challenging! Finding reliably accurate information and guidance to make good decisions has only become more difficult. This is one of the key reasons College Planning-101 Plus was developed; to help students and their parents navigate the college planning process from beginning to end.
As a military spouse for over 25 years, I also understand what it is like for military families who have even more factors to consider with the GI Bill, Yellow Ribbon Program and potential tuition waivers!

College Planning 101 Image
College Planning 101 Image

College Planning-101 Plus is more than an instructional series! It provides students and parents with access to an online college planning system that gives you the tools to implement the materials and organize the process. The system has college information, admission factors, financial aid statistics, college list building and allows you to keep track of all your progress as you engage with the course materials.
The beauty of College Planning-101 Plus is the added bonus of having me available to answer questions through text and email as you walk through this self-directed course.

**Access to College Planning-101 Plus granted until graduation date

College Planning - 101 Plus

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College Planning-101 Plus Includes:
⚓️ Online College Planning System
⚓️ SAT/ACT Diagnostic
⚓️ College Planning Videos and Curriculum
⚓️ Introduction
⚓️ Self-Exploration
⚓️ Academic Planning
⚓️ Standardized Tests
⚓️ College Search
⚓️ Financial Aid
⚓️ Personal Statement Essays
⚓️ College Applications
⚓️ Communications
⚓️ Scholarship Search
⚓️ Decisions
⚓️ Personality and Career Assessments
⚓️ College Fit Tools
⚓️ Email and text communication with me, your college consultant