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It makes me sad when I read posts in popular social media groups relating to college admissions about how a student was denied admission to 10 colleges. Or a student has one or two options, but the possibilities are the student's "safety" colleges, and their college dreams are crushed. The parents are shocked and do not know how to help their students with disappointment and rejection. 

These scenarios have fueled me to make college consulting more accessible and find ways to anchor the college admissions process for even more high school students and their families.

As many class of 2021 students found their real college options limited, it is evident that college admissions are even more unpredictable than they were in the past. This year with test-optional policies in place, the most popular colleges received record numbers of applications which contributed to these highly selective colleges becoming even more selective.

I am on a mission to help as many students and their families as possible. I want students to have great college options at the end of the process. When working with college-bound teens and their families, my philosophy includes reducing stress, managing expectations to help conquer disappointment, and making affordability part of the process from the beginning. I also encourage thinking about career first to help students move towards landing a job in their career field after college graduation.

I am rolling out a new workshop webinar series -Build a Better College List. This three-part workshop webinar series will guide you and your student through the list-building process. Each workshop webinar will end with a to-do list that will help you and your student Build a Better College List. You will find out the anchors I use with my private clients to help them have great college options at the end of the college admissions process.


3 Workshop Webinars (delivered to your email weekly)  
 Week #1-What is college fit anyway?
 Week #2- How do I find college fit?
 Week #3-Narrowing the List-Find Your Anchors
 Week #4- Build a Better List Review meeting Schedule a one-on-one meeting with me to receive feedback on your list and next steps in the college admissions process

 BONUS: Access to Custom College Plan
 a college planning online platform full of resources to help with college list building and the college planning process (access granted after sign up and until list consultation is conducted or at the end of 4 weeks from time of sign up)

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