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Your Application Should Tell a Story

What does it take to get into college these days? When we were growing up, admission chances relied on GPA, standardized test scores, and at least a hint of extracurricular activities. Today, colleges are taking a more holistic approach to evaluate candidates. The focus has been moved from primarily quantitative data to academic trends and activities to reveal a student’s work ethic and character. What sort of trends do colleges look for? College admissions teams are not novices. They receive thousands upon thousands of applications a year. And they are looking for trends — good and bad. For example, consider a student who struggled academically during her Freshman year, and her GPA reflects this. Over the next few years, she...

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Three Things To Set Your Student Apart

Colleges receive thousands of applications every year from students with excellent credentials. How can your senior differentiate themselves from other applicants? Keep reading. Essays do matter. The essay should paint a picture for the admission team to find out more about the student than has been revealed in other parts of the application. The essay is  the student’s opportunity to share what he/she wants the college to know about them. The essay should reflect what is important to them, why, and how they will contribute to the college community. The essay is the place where the student invites the admissions office to like them and see how they will fit into the college’s campus. Extracurriculars are a great way to...

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College Admissions and COVID-19

Although it might feel like we’ve been living in a vacuum the last several months, school is starting,, and many of our teens are entering their senior year! Whether your senior is participating in remote learning or physically present, this school year will be unorthodox for all. Nevertheless, there is one thing that remains constant - the anxiety that accompanies the college application process. Unfortunately, uncertainties surrounding COVID-19 are only exacerbating this stress. However, there are reasons to be hopeful!  How is COVID-19 affecting application requirements? Colleges, like us, have been forced to develop plasticity in order to survive. As a result, institutions have reevaluated and adjusted their standards for admissions. Many colleges, at least temporarily, are going to the...

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